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Ollywood star Sabyasachi Mishra helped a child with rare genetic disorder of brain in availing best possible treatment at a private hospital in the city. Following the success of such a first-of-its-kind operation in the state, the actor expressed his satisfaction for helping this poor child.

“I got an information about this child having a big swelling on his forehead that covers his eyes and nose. I appealed people to come forward to help the child. Finally, with the help of my doctors’ network, we consulted eminent neurosurgeon Prof. Ashok Mohapatra, who was earlier head of Neurosurgery at AIIMS, New Delhi. Mohapatra and the management of the hospital carried out the work successfully,” said the actor.
According to Mohapatra, around 150 such operations had earlier been conducted at AIIMS since 1971, But this was the first such case, he had come across in Odisha. The child has a genetic disorder of anterior encephaloceles, where a portion of the baby’s brain has protruded out covering eyes and nose in the absence of a piece of the skull bone. It is found in one in every three lakh births and is most common in South-East Asian countries.
“Seeing the happiness on the child’s face and of his parents, I feel really elated. I would thank the network of Odisha born doctors from across the globe known as Team Odia (Odisha Doctors International Association),’ the Swabhiman actor added.

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